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Construction & Real Estate

Client Details

DynaElectric Company, Inc. has earned a reputation for excellence within the new construction sector of commercial/ industrial electrical contracting. The company’s experience and commitment to quality have helped it survive during good markets and bad. To meet the demands of an evolving construction marketplace, DynaElectric has taken advantage of tools like Sage 100 Contractor (formerly Sage Master Builder) to help its operations become more efficient.

The Challenge

The company’s QuickBooks software lacked the necessary project management and job cost tracking tools. A substandard experience with another construction software application left the company searching for a robust, easy-to-use construction management solution to help it streamline its operations.

The Solution/Outcome

A comprehensive search led DynaElectric Company to select Sage 100 Contractor as its construction software solution. The product’s ease of use, comprehensive feature set, and strong product support resources made it an ideal solution.

  • All job-related documents are stored within the software and are quickly and easily accessed.
  • Comprehensive cost tracking and analysis tools allow DynaElectric Company to ascertain the true costs of its labor and materials, and make more accurate bidding decisions, and better manage its projects.