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Construction & Real Estate

Client Details

Luxury homebuilder, Ruvin Bros. Artisans & Trades wanted to be able to give its customers detailed breakdowns of costs and deliver them fast.

"The ability of Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate (formerly Sage Timberline Office) to break out costs and materials at the room level is what sold Ruvin Bros. on the software," said President Anthony Enea.

The Challenge

As a luxury homebuilder, the company needed to quickly provide its clients with detailed breakdowns of costs.

The Solution/Outcome

The company is now able to bill its clients on a biweekly basis. What previously required two full-time staff a full day now takes one person only 45 minutes.

"I can tell you on any job what the cost of any item is from a specific piece of hardware to something as large as overall project cost, all at the push of a button," said Enea.