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When you partner with Plumb, you'll have access to a dedicated team of accounting professionals who can provide a wide range of services, from financial planning and analysis to payroll processing and beyond.


Check out our Case Studies to learn more:

This Non-Profit Trusts Plumb “Implicitly”

The client’s staff was unfamiliar with how to handle brokerage account reconciliations, nor did they know how to manage schedules, or how to correctly state realized and unrealized gains. Their CPA always had questions that they were unable to answer.

Plumb Introduces Efficiencies & Best Practices to Ecommerce company

Thanks to Plumb’s ecommerce accounting expertise, the client has asked the Plumb team to take on even more work, which is the best compliment we can be given.

Plumb Helps Ecommerce Company Make Business-Saving Decision

The client needed assistance in cleaning up their books, but when our superstar Plumb team started to review their books, they quickly realized the client needed much more help.

start up

Plumb Assists Start-Up Accurately Track Cash Flow

“We have a great relationship with Plumb. Whenever we run into problems we can’t handle, Plumb is our resource for business-related answers.”

Paper people chain with hearts - Teamwork and love concept

Plumb Helps Non-Profit in Time of Staff Transition

“It was unexpected how much help we needed with the transition and audits. Plumb came in and hit the ground running. They handled every level of auditing and financial help we needed,”

Manufacturing & Distribution Company Finds Clarity with Plumb

“The greatest value Plumb had for us was the ability to clear the fog out of the accounting process… Plumb was able to take over our accounting activities without my involvement,”